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Versuri Mac-Row - Meet macro

Yo don't trip
don't make me spin or i'll flip
to the tippidy tip top of the hip hop heap
yo suckaz smell my feet i give my dogg a treat
not a scooby snack not a rock of crack thats whack g
you cant see me on yo muthaf***n computa screen
but you can feel me whith the flow that i beam
rolling with the lowest ping, my new school homies
do the same thang
got the bling bling for the mutha f***g 20 stack of T-1
my intanet hook up weigh a f***n ton
don't freak my firewall it stand stall and beats you in yo f***n balls
never runnin nortin never tha download aboartin cuz i got tha f***n ping a dee ping pong fo yo
muthf***n ding-dong

Meet Macro
Meet Macro

Java Script ain't s***t with my mutha f***n macro

Meet Macro
Meet Macro

Java Script ain't s***t wit my muthf***n macro

Meet macro yall
I got T-1 and fibre optics runn trough my wall
you can't think to freak my firewall and my names not jamal it muthaf***n Mac-Row now you know
but dont think yo know it all
i run a script on your a*s make all my muthaf***n aps run fast while im huffin gra*s
my optics be lcd so i can see the screen and trip like lsd
but you cant see me comei from yo computa screen but you feel the flow that i beam yo

Meet Macro
Meet Macro

Javascript ain't s***t with my mutha f***n macro

(repeat chorus 4x's)

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