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Versuri Mac Dre - Back n da hood

Another sleepless night in Fresno Jail
I got a federal hold and I can't even bail
Eyes wide open like a dope fiend geeked
I need some cock hella bad, I need to be free
Steady dreaming about wrecking guts and cock
Laying on my bunk busting nuts in socks
Celly on top bunk knock smooth out
Snoring mothafucka, I should just shout
And wake his a*s up cause I can't sleep
If a nigga had a way, a nigga would creep
And make a clean break but that's just a dream fake
This can't be real, man, it all seems fake
3 am and it's time to E-A-T
Cold cream of wheat and a lunch in a B-A-G
This s***t is the pits, man, how worse will it get, man
I need to be N Da Hood, straight getting a grit, man...

I'm missing the crew, the dope fiends too
I'm writing this rap, there's nothing else to do
Cause home is a place that it seem I won't go
Sleeping in a cell with some fools I don't know
Dope fiends that just don'y got no...
Sense and fince to get shipped to Wasco
I'm stuck like chuck way down south
When I need to be at home with a joint in my mouth
Smoking and choking on some hurt cha dick weed
I just can't wait to straight perk and get key'd
I need to be N Da Hood straight swinging tight ones
Burning long rubber on the black and white ones...

Back N Da Hood sound so good
They won't set bail but I wish they would
I P-R-A-Y every D-A-Y
Asking to get back to the B-A-Y
But every court date they keep detaining me
On punk a*s charges they keep arraining me

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