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Too many niggaz - versuri Ludacris |
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Versuri Ludacris - Too many niggaz

I hate it when there's
Too many niggaz not enough hoes
Too many rookies not enough pros
The game got switched on some ludachris s***t
So all ya'll can suck my dick.
Biotch x2
I gotta rip it with miracle ludachris lyrical Fools
We dirty south shut your mouth we rock tools
NO Hoes we obey the beta Block rules
Got cock to put chlorine in rec pools
Is there anyone like ya?
Hell NAH! I treat humans like students and fail ya'll
So turn your books to Page 69 and start suckin?
With organized to stop to drop a track start duckin? With ludachris get in the bed start f***?
{Ho} you betta b startin? something
Get out the booth let me tell ya'll the truth
We kick down doors save all the H2o for all the front rows
Live in the bank and watch for stank hoes
They combed out and stayed off the off roads
If you know what I mean proceed to stay clean
Light skinned nigga turn red but get green
In hale some of that Drobe and blow steam
Love the combination of big a*s and tight jeans
{Chorus} x2
{ ho} Boy you lost yo mind
No I lost my virginity
And I shock quick like that fool shot kennedy
what the remedy? henisy coke?
if u cut all your money you'll still b half broke
ashes to ashes smoke or get smoked
we come by the ma*ses you come to get choked
if u take me for a fool ill take you for a joke
tired of fast food so they cooked up dope
so now we eat lobster and shirp and things
and watch for imposters that been in a game
we invented the game and ya'll just got hip
Man whats that smell?
Probably your upper lip, cuz I love to walk around like my s***t don't stank
Even if its cigars and purple colored dank,
Chillin? in that boat with no signs of tom hanks
Put this in your jar like weiners and franks
{Chorus} x2
I put too much sugar in my cool aid
And I party with my gin with a high top babe
And I arrive to a show and I like to be paid
I arrive with a hoe and I like to be laid
Rite up to the floor like rugs and floor mats
Im on the rite page but wats my format
I wave to the ocean because im rite where the shores at
And woman go crazy where my bone At
Did u kno that?
Man im the gift of chains Eectric stoves don't give me that keys range
Shagadelic Beautiful but strange with the magic cities with mickey and blue flames
Rearrange same brode but different Night, Pa*s the Ej and let a nigga get ripe
The bomb threatin? dude on the same flight, High nights that show I live a High a*s life
{Chorus} x2

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