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Splash waterfalls (remix) - versuri Ludacris | Versuri.ro

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Versuri Ludacris - Splash waterfalls (remix)

[Intro: Ludacris] + (Sandy Coffee)
Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Say it (make love to me)
Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! What?! (***, mee!)
Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Say it (make love to me)
Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! What?! (***, mee!)

[Chorus: Ludacris] + (Sandy Coffee) - (*Repeat 2X*)
I'm about to throw some game they both one & same
Cupid's the one to blame - say it (make love to me)
I'm about to shed some light, cause each and every night
You got to do it right - what?! (***, mee!)

[Verse 1: Ludacris] + (Sandy Coffee)
They want it nice and slow, kiss them from head to toe
Relax and let it go - say it (make love to me)
They want it now and fast, grabbing and smacking a*s
You got to make it last - what?! (***, mee!)
Together holding hands, you out there spending grands
And making family plans - say it (make love to me)
Don't have to straighten facts, don't want no strings attached
Just scratches on your BACK - what?! (***, mee!)
Ex's ain't acting right, and you so glad to fight
Dinner's by candlelight - say it (make love to me)
She got a nigga whipped, down to your fingertips
Trying that freaky s***t - what?! (***, mee!)
Turn on some Babyface, just for your lady's sake
You call her babycakes - say it (make love to me)
Know how to mack a broad, she's on your sack and balls
You call her Jabberjaws - what?! (***, mee!)

[Chorus: Ludacris] + (Sandy Coffee)

[Verse 2: Trina]
Okay, okay, who's Da Baddest Bitch
Been rich, been rich, been had this s***t
Big Benz, big house & s***t
That's right, okay, I've been down with Trick
Okay, it makes sense to me
Cause if your money ain't right, speak your french to me
Mistreated, don't play with me
Oh, you can say Mrs. - that's okay with me
You need a grant just to speak with me
Okay, are you sure you want to sleep with me?
Okay, you better peep a show
Cause I done left niggaz like you stuck before
Okay, you can ball with me
Since you got a hot knock, spend it all with me
Okay, y'all know what's up
Okay, uh huh, I ride... shut up!

[Chorus: Ludacris] + (Sandy Coffee)

[Verse 3: Ludacris] + (Sandy Coffee)
You want to tell the world, cause she's your favorite girl
Your diamond and your pearl - say it (make love to me)
Nobody has to know, just keep it on the low
And meet them right at four - what?! (***, mee!)
Nothing but fights and fussing, plus there's a lot of cussing
Just grab a hold of SOMETHING - say it (make love to me)
Y'all do that bad stuff, she like it rammed up
Ropes and HANDCUFFS - what?! (***, mee!)

[Chorus: Ludacris] + (Sandy Coffee)

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