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Versuri Ludacris - Phat rabbit

[Ludacris - Verse One]
I be that nigga named Ludi
a k a L-O-V-A L-O-V-A
F***k that s***t
Nigga what you wan say one time
Southside let's ride (say what)
And if you love what you do, do what you feel
Then I know you gonna mark my words
Yall drop s***t like birds
Then it's about the time for yo a*s to get served
Just lay it on down
Just lay it on down
While we relax to the tight raps
And the phat tracks
That that nigga Timbaland put down
Oh yes, let's get it on down to the nitty grit
Don't have no time for the patient
Cuz I got more dick than a lil' bit
And time flies, when I'm havin' fun
I can make a hoe get like Forrest Gump and just "run baby run"
I guess that they can't handle this
Brothers just to scandalous
If you don't wanna get freaked
then get out my way like an ambulance (say what)
Gitty up gitty up ride up on the real, let death to the fake
And tell you boyfriend just to chill, don't playa hate
Kick back relax, and just take off yo shoes
Cuz I gotta tell you what I wants to do (uh oh)

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