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Versuri Ludacris - Dirt south

i got permission to put your mother in the headlock
she tried to get me for a sucka blown head shot
I said I like the way she stick me make the bed rock
Or how she lick me leave me twisted like a dreadlock
And its on so stop the sweatin like a wristband
And get some balance like a bike without the kickstand
I think I changed the definition of a hitman cause I could really give a f***k about this bitch man
We putting hoes in your residence
And lose anybody for the right president
we thugged out street niggaz with intellegents
so all that bullshit you rapping is irelevant
come on I represent that dirty south side
I am a dentist making niggaz open their mouth wide
Could be in jail but still holding down the block right
think not why don't you open up your mouth wide NIGGAZ

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