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Versuri Esaul
- Linkin Park

Riding with a head full of bodies are red
And what i said is still stuck in my head
But misled doing the things I do would make you never wanna come back
but an all front attack, you could never run from that
Being trapped in this with you,
somethin that I never wanted to do
But through it all you've got to see that where I want to be
Is over the pen again letting it out of me
In the center of the day in the dream, seeing all my thoughts
Getting lost in between, realizing one that the way to the sea
And the killing and again with a head full of screams.

I wanna live in another place
So I see it's not ment to be for me
Where no one can say that I live for them
I wanna be in the energy, not with the enemy

A place for my head.

We're gonna be crushed when it all falls apart
Going in the hollow, hoping that you won't know
The strain it puts to me, seeing what you've done
And consequently I've run away, just hitting again
Within the boundaries of an anguish
Want me to say this, but you're dragging me down
Lost in the chaos being tossed around.

Brige x2
Singing again to myself, a head full of hectic
Hope that some day you'll regret this
Everything's the wrong place, the wrong time
Adding to the panic in my confine.


You try to take the best of me
Go away..


Shut.. up.. now.

Brige x2