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Versuri All that jazz
- Linkin Park

verse 1
i still cant find, the colour of your eyez
as if you were blind, too early for goodbyes
i'd stick with you, through world war 3
i'd write to you, to see how you've been.

pre chorus
would it mean anything if i cried
would it faze you if i died.

come back to me, one last time
was it meant to be, i know we'd lie.

verse 2
i'd kill for you, to leave this town
so far gone, no one but ourselves
so i f***d up, and killed something great
i'm outta luck and outta things to say.

pre chorus
would you notice if i left
i wonder about the memorys you kept.

chorus 2x.

erase the memory, straight from your heart
take down the pictures, there already burned