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Versuri Lfo - Dandelion

Saw her on a Friday outside someone run down saloon
She was cryin over someone she felt left much too soon
I said, hey girl don't you cry tonight
let me take you out on this town
She looked at me and smiled as one last tear splashed off the ground
with half a wink she asked me would I use some kind of creep
I told her no, I guess I just feel your vibe is kinda deep
the moon hung over soho
and I counted 16 stars
I pointed at the brightest one and said now that one's ours
She's a dandelion, up on her hill above the sea
she's not exactly everything I thought that she might be

She's a dandelion
she looks like everything I need
I thought she was a flower
but I found out she's a weed

Then I hold on hold on hold on
hold on hold on hold on

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