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Versuri Letters To Cleo - Awake

I guess it's been awhile and a long time too.
Everything's still the same and so are you. It's only in
this light that I could see what you'd be like. If it took a
million years, well, this is what I am. You're awake and
I'm asleep and we are so complete that way. You're
asleep and I'm awake and everything is so great. Everything is
so great. Oh yea. Heavy. I wash my hands of you. I
wash my dirty feet too. And when I wash my hair the
dust clouds disappear. You're leaning out the window,
you're beating down [the] a path real slow with your heavy
plastic bags and heavy head.
You're awake... (I wish we had a laugh but you're just
not funny. Baby, I'm leaving out the irony.
You're awake.)

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