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Ugly ballerina - versuri Les Elephants Bizarres |
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Versuri Les Elephants Bizarres - Ugly ballerina

trimise de CopreanCoprean.

Strofa 1:
I haven't met a girl since I don't know when,
I'm ugly just like any man,
I hit the strip clubs, I don't mean no trouble,
I watch the dances and I drink my beer,
Suddenly my eyes drop, the ground just trebled,
She was as ugly as can be,
She wears a tutu, I want to meet her,
To meet this ugly ballerina.

Tonight I'm dancing with you,
Can you believe I'm dancing with you,
Ugly ballerina, I'm dancing with you,
Tonight I'm dancing with you.

Strofa 2:
Usually I'm a shy guy, but not this time, no,
I want her just outside the door,
She'll be surprised cause she's damn ugly,
She'll say let's dance the night away,
My name is Marcel and I mean no trouble,
I want to dance, to dance with you,
I'll grab her hand, look into her eyes,
Stupidly smile cause you know, ha ha!


I'm dancing with my girl (16x)

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