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Versuri Les Elephants Bizarres - The boys

trimise de CopreanCoprean.

Strofa 1:
Discourteous feelings are "no go",
We'll take you high, we'll hit you low,
Can you sense it, do you feel the joy it brings it?
Can you touch it, when was the last time you felt touched?
Take a good look at this joint cause it'll blow!

Refren: (2x)
Never go down, no one left behind,
The boys are gonna make it!
We took our feelings and mixed them with the dust of a rainbow.

Strofa 2:
Pretentious smart rhyming never flows,
Who's the first dancer no one knows,
We will sing you things you like to sing about it,
We will move you, you'll be so moved by this song,
We're here to sing, you're there to hear so let's go.

Refren: (4x)

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