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Strangled by underwear - versuri Leng Tch'e |
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Versuri Leng Tch'e - Strangled by underwear


Stop bitching me around like that,
stop commanding me all the time,
stop acting like a regular know-it-all
Stop telling me what to do, stop interfering with my life,
don't you see I'm not your propirty!

How should I give you respect?
I am your son, but that's all,
I am not your toy at all

That fridge is coming too close, some moments later I am sure,
I feel at my eyesocket and there's some blood
Why did you push me fatso,
and please don't tell me that you're sorry
'coz you can put your sorry up your a*!

But you show no regret at all, instead you make some fun of it,
minimizing your share in what happened
Stupid egocentric bastard, how could you ever be my father,
I hope that you get strangled by underwear!

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