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Versuri Lemonheads - Favorite t

I thought we had an understanding there
that wouldn't leave too soon
Figure it over and you'll find out where
your green shirt's gone

Had to hear about your Danish boyfriend
I forced a swoon
So I went over to your dresser drawer
and now I got it on

I got it on
your favourite Tee
It never looked as good on you
as it looks on me

I got it on
I'll wait and see
I used to wear it every day
and now it's twice a week

Fill in the shadows of a certain corner
you used to sit there
got me a brand new lamp, plugged it in
and now the dark don't fit there

Ain't got the time or the inclination
to see this through
I'm lookin up, climbing out of the station
and the sky's too blue

The sky's too blue
The sky's too blue
It mightn't suit me quite as well
as it used to

I got it on
Your favourite tee
I used to wear it every day...

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