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Versuri Lehavoth - Non civilized

Come to me on your fours
Reach through the web of thought
Skillfully degraded
Lower than a beast

Come to me with your soul on fours
Get in the lion den
Get into my vault

Climb behind my eyes and trip on it
Come and see what I have kept away from you

Come see what I have built up for you

Run through your storms and through your rains
Through all your fears and your disillusions
For me to mold as my own
For me to take what I may desire

Plunge your head in and see
what I have become
Come what really is I

See me non civilized
Feel me non civilized
Fear me non civilized

Plunge your head in and see
What I have become
Fear me non civilized

I comprehend beyond your foundation laws
Without them as an alter ego I can change my form
and become as everything...

Come taste the supreme

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