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Versuri Legend Maker - Lies leading the blind

The pale tears of doves that fell from thy grace
Brought a new sunrise into this wicked place
Mankind awakes to a crippled dream called life
Created by the lies that feed on the blind
Did I give you minds to manipulate?
Did I give you a heart so that you could brake?
Was it supposed to be like this?
Look at me bleed for all your sins
Centuries in blindness
Generations of madness
Stare into the crucifix
You see me and that's where you'll be
So if it was written will it be done?
All these prophecies that only lead to one
That our mind were kept in confusion
And never accomplished our souls evolution
Gardens of thorns
Crosses of hope
Greet the new Messiah
And kiss the devil in silence
We're we always in darkness
And in spiritual sadness
Written on my epitaph
The lies that kept bleeding the blind
Lead the masses to what is left
None is forgotten none will be saved
Will you rescue me?
Will you bleed with me?
Set the world on fire and watch it burn
Generations of filth go up in smoke
A dark hour, it's time to drop
The most vicious animal of all
The choice is yours regret or repent
Then taste the serpent
As we opened Pandora's box
The illness of this earth spread out
All sinners will soon pay
And will perish in judgment day
Twin moons of Gemini
Thin lines of blood divine
All I want to hear is silence
All I want to see is blindness
We had our time and now there will be no savior
We consumed all our resources like the plague we are
What world do we leave behind for our children?
Will be blind their eyes since birth?
But the truth is that nature is stronger than ignorance
And ignorance what were made of
Oblivion comes from inside and

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