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Versuri Legend Maker - Doomsday bringer

The savage brings war
The weak pays the cost
Will this ever end?
Sadness upon thee
When will mankind see?
The harm is done
Dark is our time
The hand of doom is up
Our kind is lost
Death was foretold
Come join the pain
We will never rise again
History has bled the truth
Time has come to renew
Slowly he awakes from his rest
The fowl eliminator of fate
The old prophecy of the wise
Sweet sunrise turns to night fall
This is the end of it all, to all deceivers
And the blame falls all on us
Bow to the doomsday king
This is what mankind deserves, for all its evil
We will suffer endlessly
Bow to the doomsday king
Your kingdom is disgrace
And soon you shall taste
The black venom
To glorify is your cause
To suck all their trust
So feed on the blind
We wait the new arrival
The plain nothingness
Baptized in blood
You disguise your evil with smiles
Behind your temples so fragile
Shelter the beast with your hypocrisy
But I assure you'll be the last to leave
[Solo: Both. Solo: Mauricio]
[Solo: Santiago]
This is the way, the only way
All they suffer for the cause of the selfish ones
A new race shall come
To do the things the way it should've been done

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