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Versuri Lefty - Rocket ride

take you on a rocket ride to the moon
you wouldn't come back
even though you knew i was tired
standing on the sun you looked so bright
i felt the meltdown you put the clamp down
on me again
i couldn't wake up when i tried
you stood there laughing as i died

read about your ruin as they said it was self inflicted
and i thought just like you to prove yourself again

i held the key to your success
loaded gun in the top drawer you overlooked it
: or did you?

i couldn't wake up when i tried
you left me for a rocket ride
long enough you held your breath
long enough to keep me here

i couldn't leave if i...
i couldn't leave you if i tried, even if i tried
i'd be so much better off without you now
take you on a rocket ride

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