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Versuri Lee Dorsey - Work work work

(Work work work, work work work)
I look for a job both day & night
I can't find nothin' that will suit me right
A little bit of nerve I'm not tryin' to shake
But everything I've found seems too much like work

(Work work work) what you're talkin' 'bout?
(Work work work) are you talkin' to me?
(Work work work) mmm mmm!
(Work work work) hey hey hey
Does anybody here know somebody who needs somebody who wants somebody to
(Love love love) now you're talkin' now
(Love love love)

I need a little spendin' change every now & then
I ain't seen a quarter since who knows when
I ask my friends if they could spare a little cash
But all they ever do is stand around & talk trash about...


(Work work work)
... & fade

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