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(Intro skit) Don't f***k with me I'm the f***kin manager!
And don't forget your f***kin daily planners.
You better write down everything you accomplish.
And lemme see your f***kin smile around the office.
You "grrrls" look tired were you out late last night?
I heard you were some kind of underground electro feminist performance artists.
Is that right? Right.....
In five years you won't remember getting fired or whatever
And until then and forever I'm proud to be associated with you.
I know 40 hours a week would suit you fine
But your application's been denied, surprise!
This is how it feels to be free.
Turn around, turn around, turn around
And take a look at the crowd and say:
It's okay to hate your job after all it's f***king wrong.
Turn around, turn around turn around and take a look at the crowd.
You know, all my friends are f***king bitches
Best known for burning bridges.
Do you need a character witness?
I said I'm proud to be associated with you.
When I look around, I see your face in the crowd.
I see the girls are out, a lot of freaks in the house.
Le Tigre family and friends,
I hope this feeling never ends cuz you're beautiful
And your boss is an a***e
And I don't give a s***t what that dick thinks.
We will survive as thieve we will survive as freaks.
Turn around, turn around turn around
And take a look at the crowd...
I think it looks all right we got friend in sigh yeah
Tomorrow we fight so let's have fun tonight...
Turn around, turn around...

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