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Versuri To love again
- Lara Fabian

trimise de TanycaTanyca.

I. Every night, every day
I tele my heart to forget you and to move away
Not to break anymore
But, oh, no matter what i say
You*re so deep in my mind
There*s no way to leave this love behind,.

You used to be
I believed I could go on
And find someone to rest upon anyone,
Soon i faund
There was no other
There you are
Framed againdst the sky
You are my life, I pray for when
You wi*ll be mine
To love again!!!.

II. I see the rain in the sky
I see your face
Through every tear that I ery
With every breath and every sund
I can hear another voice and swear that you*re around,
And every word is clear, cause I know
The memory won*t let go
Until you*re mine
To love..... again.

Who*s to say what lives in the past
Who*s to say thay love won*t last
Time*s been standing still
Waiting so patiently until
Until that one day when
When I will have you
Love again, to love again.

There you are
Framed against the sky
You are my life
And I pray for when
You wi*ll be mine
to love again, oh!!
love again, oh!!!!