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Versuri Loved by grace
- Lara Fabian

trimise de IghuannaIghuanna.

I remember the rain on the roof
That morning
And all the things
That i wanted to say
The end that was camed from nowhere With that morning
Who stole the moment and sent me Away
You standing there at the door waitin' Cryn'
And we want really forever be back
I didin't come here to leave you
I didn't come here to lose

I didn't come here beliving i would ever Be away from you
I didn't come here to find out
There's a witness in m6y faith
I was brought here by the power of love
Loved by grace
I remember the roses well gone forever
It seems to turn the calm
You turn the distance like a one lost Treasure
The found proof that could not be find
You standing there at the door
And the moment when we lean back Down
That was one moment in time
One we could never forget
One we could leave behind
Cause when you're there you remember i Say
I could never be away from you