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Versuri Lafee - Du lebst (engleza)

trimise de Zamb89Zamb89.

You live in me
You are still here
I feel you still
So deeply in me
They say to me
You are always away
But I don't believe them
You only hid themselves
Completely far away
Come, Come, Come back

You don't live in my my dreams
You live, I white that completely exactly
You live, come sometime again
You live, I can you nevertheless
You live, deeply in my longing
You live all alone only for me
You live, I always wait
You live, and you find me white

You are missing, you are missing, so much
Your last kiss is beautiful so long ago
We could back
We will be lucky
And then you find me
Leave me never more alone
We will be lucky
Come, Come, come back

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