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Versuri Lady Sovereign - Random

trimise de Zamb89Zamb89.

Everybody in the club gettin tipsy,
Oh f***k that just wine like a gypsy,
Cant see straight like I got one eye,
Pop your bottle open oh my,
Lets get it started,
Move your arms around like f***ked up karate,
Ohh s***t my wordplays nasty,
Ohh s***t dont put it past me,
Move titch get out the way,
Nar never that Im here to staaaay,
I flow lazy I pick the pace up when i feel less hazey,
J'lo's got a batty, But you cant see mine coz I wear my trousers baggy,
Anyways, yeah... lets comence,

Everybody get random all gal dem all man dem,
Everybody get random just do something random,
Everybody get random all gal dem all man dem,
Sovereign get random Just do something random,

Smoking kills and so do my lyrics,
If your poppin pills then trust your not with it,
Coz I got the skills and im over the limit,
Dishing lyrics like meals every second every minute,
Ding Dong, special delivery,
Biggest midget in the game cant get rid of me,
Gimme just a minute and ill be in your versinaty,
My words hurt you just like loosing virginity,
Well Im right thurr, nah tell a lie coz im right there,
right hurr, nah right here,
now get off your churrr, i mean chair,
some english mc's gettin twisted,
start sayin cookies instead of biscuits,
Anyways yeah.. lets commence...


Just check how my flow differs,
Im dropping lyrics like a hoe dropping knickers,
Im on a whole never level im oldskool like maraton proir to snickers,
This s***ts hot, wheres the sniffers dogs,
lets get random, zagazagazaga zog (this word is not in the dictionary.. its random bulls***t),
You wann come test me then bring it on,
This is the new tinnnng, the new singalong....


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