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Versuri Omfalos
- Krux

There is a passage through the dark
Where you can crawl and you can walk
Underneath the stairs you'll find a hole
That'll lead you to the navel of the world.

A basin full of stars
The great infected heart
So near but still so far
Will tell you who you are.

Omfalos [3x].

You pass between shadow fear and night
Must elude the gift of day and light

Dig your way into the muddy soil
Never near the navel of the world.

Die and you will see
Your reality
Forever you will be
The king of misery.

Omfalos [3x].

Deep inside the core we all will weep
When we meet the darkness and the sleep
Time and space are trapped into a whirl
You're climbing down the navel of the world.

Omfalos [9x]

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