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Versuri Bloodtower
- Kronos

Monumental architecture
Built by demoniac spirits
Splendorous edification, wisdommakers in their crypt
Seven erected columns in the name of disgrace
Bloodtower, come forth to me
Piercing the sky, ripping the clouds
Dethroned gods kneeled gods face to the majesty
Scared by the silence, worried by infinity
Fate escapers blind their eyes with godly lies'veil.

Deathbringers keep the gate of the bloodtower
Only feeble Jesus servants must burn and implore
I'm dumb to your cries but my eyes see
The burning in the infernal fire.

Stairs of retribution, light is on the top
Halls of extermination, but which light?.

Doors stained of blood, do you recognize your friends?
Bloodtower, huge christians graveyard.

Symbolic statues are watching youwith emeralded eyes
Welcome in the worst dream you could dream

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