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Versuri Zero tolerance
- Kottonmouth Kings

The war on drugs is a war on me and if its not then let me be home of the brave land
of the free Its just a plant so let freedom ring.

I? m sick of these snitches droppin dimes on my block to my small sack slangers to my indoor
crops or our cash money business or my late night stops or anything about this old school pimp
called pops.

Yeah! S***t f***k P***s
I can? t stand the cops they? re always on my dick trying to snatch my crops but they? ll never
gonna get? em cause givem to my pops then I fail out of town in my matha f***king dodge.

You can? t catch me so please stop trying there? s no denyin that the cops are lie? en
Not me because I not you can? t relate when I look you in the face I can tell that you? re a
fake. Ha! Ha! Ha!.

Zero Tolerance I got zero tolerance.

Just because you? re a you fat wanna be stinky a*s matha f***ka
Tryin to get my s***t but you can? t you suck get the hell out my face?
Cause your breath stinks bad your badge is dirty you cricked as fag.

I? m here to free all the people that are livin in fear

The modern day Paul Revere, Just lend me your ear
Cause they? re comin, in fact they? re already right here
You know how much they spent in the war on drugs simply last year?
Eleven-Billion Dollars straight down the drain
The war on drugs has cost a lot, you shouldn? t worry about me, or my bag of pot
Not hurtin? nobody, not polluting the youth
Not sellin no lies, I? m only giving out truth
Try to tell me what to do, I won? t listen to you,
I? ll smoke weed till I die, out of joints, pipes, tubes.

well I? m rymin and I? m stealin? dealin time after time? rhyme patterns designed to enlighten
your mind? legalize the word freedom till the plants not a crime and when the plants not a
crime well all be livin divine zero tolerance is ignorance we? re drawin the line?.

Zero Tolerance the war on drugs is a waste of time how could a plant be a crime- you got the
bombs to kill off our kind- Arrest and seize we get jailed F***-w/-Find? free the plant.

Zero Tolerance I got zero tolerance