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Versuri Me and my skate
- Kottonmouth Kings

Oh s***t God damn, I almost hit that little punk rock kid.
Oh s***t, ah damn, well what's happenin here? Damn helicopters
And all I saw was some little skater kid
Come runnin by with a test tube, one of them glass ones.
Oh man, I'll check the news
And find out what the hell's happenin here. "Hola como estas? "
F***n commercials, damn yeah,
"This is Victoria Secretion reporting live from Orange County California, "
No s***t, "where just moments ago, Officer Jack Mehoff and our
chopper in the sky Spotted rapper D-Loc, member of the infamous
Kottonmouth Kommittee,
Skating east bound on Yorba Linda Blvd.
DLoc has been at large and is wanted by press, parents, and
For being a nusiance to society. Approach with caution,
DLoc could be under the influence of a mind altering substance. ".

Its me and my skate, skate
In this world of hate and confusion
I sweat all day to create an illusion
Or a fantasy yeah that's what you call it
You can be a bong tokin alcoholic
Well this came true so I grip the mic tightly
And when I'm rocking the stage my skates besides me
After the show you'll catch skating in the parking lot
Bustin grinds and flips, my board is all I got
To escape the realness of reality
I smoke a joint so I can cope with this insanity
They say sobriety's the answer to society
I say its anarchy but they ain't understanding me
I say it twice but they just can't relate
I guess its fate, my boards my mate
Just, just me and my skate.

"In other breaking news, reputed rapper Saint,
also from the Kottonmouth Kommitte, was caught by survalence
At JJ's Liqour in the city of Orange
Making off with 2 cases of beer, 1 pint of booze, and a carton of
The unemployed rapper has outstanding charges of drunken
Insighting riots, and abusive behavior, Saint was last spotted on
Beach Blvd, jumping from a moving vehicle under the influence of
alcohol. ".

Now I just got off the phone with Big Hoss up in prison.
Thank God for freedom hook the bitches with my jism
Name is brought up in many girlies' conversations
But it gets complicated with the situations you be facin
My name is Saint, the one the girlies flock fool.
So don't get mad when your lady starts to jock me fool.
like a beer like m********.
She said "Hi Saint my name's Luana. "
Lou wanna wanna wanna take me home?
Lou wanna wanna wanna lay and bone?
But I get aggravated, mentally frustrated

When I act like cuz your boyfriend player hated.
Left jab, right hook, then I knocked him out,
I hate player haters so I p***d in his mouth.

"Apparently local officials have turned the Kottonmouth Kommitte
case over to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
The elusive Orange County rappers, under the direction of Pimp
Daddy X are sought in connection with a number of charges
Ranging from obsenity, influencing the minds of minors, fake
ID's, lude and crude behavior, and demoralizing society.
Right wing, religious zealots have apparently threatened to
Quote 'Crucify those young punks. ' ".

Yo I got a scam for this, you know I got a scam for that
The Daddy's friends are good but still I watch my back
I like to vibe, write a rhyme to a funky phat track
I got the scam to get the green to scam for a fat sack
Too many vices and insane extremities
I got no good solutions, so no quick remedies
Don't wanna slave my life working at a 9 to 5
F***k flippin burgers don't wanna drop no fries
Don't wanna move boxes, move s***t or sit behind a desk
Just wanna get upon a mic and let my skills start to flex
Addicted to the homegrown, fly girls and
I'm not a loser look at you, don't wanna be left alone
Addicted to the nicotine, a full time toker
All the more confused with mi vida loca
Late night toker, indo smokers
Hey hey daddy x, daddy x, daddy x, daddy x
Let your skills flex
Hey hey daddy x daddy x
hey daddy x, put those fools in check
Live while you live you gotta live your life while you're here
Time is all I got I wanna smoke the kind and guzzle beer
Fear of life at times yes but I ain't got no time for that
I gotta kick it chill got to kick it to the max
So when you see daddy x in your vicinity
Pass the pipe, pass the j, say "what's up? "
I'm out, peace
Me (me) me and my skate, my skate, my skate, my skate
My mate my skate
Me (me) me and my skate, my skate
My skate my mate in this world of hate.

"After an all out man hunt by local and federal officials,
The Kottonmouth Kommittee still remains at large,
Last spotted fleeing southbound on Interstate 5
In a drop top Volkswagen bug, believed to be stolen from
A trailer park complex earlier today.
The young vandals are disturbing the peace, and reportedly riding
That's our local news for now, we'll update you on the situation as it happens.
I'm Victoria Secretion for KBUD, 420 on your dial, now back to you, Bob. "