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Versuri Kj-52 - Mountain dew anonymous

Well hello everybody,
Welcome to MDA, that's Mountain Dew Anonymous, for those who have abuse problems with mountain dew.
We have a new member today his name is KJ-52.
KJ why don't you introduce yourself (Hi KJ).
My Name is KJ-52 and I'm addicted to Mountain dew.
Tell the people a little bit about what happened.

Ohh what am I gonna do,
I'm addicted to mountain Dew,
When I drink just one to two
These people say "what's wrong with you man? "
I start acting like fool,
from all the caffeine and the sugar too.
I'm feeling like I aint got a clue.
And it's just what I'm gonna say to you,

Uh give me that Mountain Dew,
Uh give me that Mountain Dew,
Uh give me that Mountain Dew,
I aint playin with you,
You better give me my Mountain dew!


Well KJ I know that must be tough to talk about (it is, it's hard)
But part of recovery is talking about how it starts,
Explain how this started.

Well it started while I was on tour,
I had to stay awake, I went to the store
Then I loaded up and I bought like four
And I just kept taking more and more

All of a sudden it happened to me,
Just for some reason I couldn't fall asleep.
Maybe it was the sugar and the caffeine
Not sure, but I started to scream

(Repeat Chorus)

Well KJ I know that was painful to talk about, (it was painful, I'm sorry)
But you know you can over come this addiction.
(I can?)
You just have to admit that you have a problem.

I've got a problem I just can't help it,
Somebody help I think I'm addicted,
Every day I gotta just have it,
I can't help it it's just a habit,
I've got a problem, I get it
I'm an addict I'll admit it
And I promise I'm gonna quit it
Hey, that Mountain Dew over there, anybody gonna finish it?

KJ you need to put the mountain dew down, ('couz I'm sayin' if you aint gonna finish it)
KJ I, you need, back away from the Mountain Dew (I'll, I'll take it)

(repeat chorus)

Sorry I don't now what came over me,
Uh, sorry

You didn't have to hit me.

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