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Versuri Another side of me
- Kiki Dee


m going back.

Across the sky.

To places I have never been.

But something seems to be.

Slowly drawing me away.

And that's what come what may.

I'm going back.

To places I have never seen.

To feel the freedom.

Of a sweet clear winter's golden day.

Sunset stained with gold.

A love that never grows cold.

While you're the hand that I hold.

I'll face my years to be.

And we may find.

That as the story is told.

We'll watch the future unfold.

Another side of me.

I'm going back.

Unless I'm sure.

I need you more than ever now.

And through the distance.

We'll see things in another light.

If we just raise our sights.

And looking back.

We'll understand it all somehow.

Today forever and beyond.

Together we will see.

Another side of me