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Versuri Another break
- Kiki Dee


other town, another hall, another chance for him.

They said it was over.

But he's still hanging in, and it could be on,.

This life can't go on.

A life of hotel rooms and empty singles bars.

Givin' interviews alone - asking "Is it right so far! ".

Did they love him?.

Do they still want him?.

Another day will find him keeping age at bay.

Before breakfast off another dirty tray.

What will the papers say?.

Has he been too long away?.

Do they love him - still want him?.

Is it too late?.

Too late to get another break.

Another time, another town, they tear the posters down,.

On the night somebody shouts - man you're all sold out,.

But his lime is fine,.

Getting brighter all the time.

Another night - another stand - another cookin' little band,.

Another chance to pull it off,.

Another moment in his hand, and suddenly!.

He's rollin' free.

The final number- then four more encores,.

That man knows the score,.

He's been there once before and they love him,.

And they need him back,.

So it's not too late,.

It's ne'eer too late,.

Too late to get another break.