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Versuri Wait a little while
- Kenny Loggins

Here's a sweet September morning
There's the sense of Autumn on the rise
He steps into the wind and sadly sighs
"Why does it always seem to be
There's a cold December wind in front of me? ".

The more he fills his empty evenings
The less he feels that there's a chance to find
Something that can bring a peace of mind
Is there a place where you can go?
A little something you should know
To turn the tide to your favor?.

Wait a little while to welcome

What you're after
Give it the time to find it way to you
And soon as you no longer try
You'll turn and find it
Standing by your side
(Staring in your eyes)
Come and get it
When you let it
It'll come to you.. just forget it and
Wait a little while.

When I run short in inspiration
I best recall what I've known all along
'N remember sweet September's song
There really doesn't have to be
A cold and bitter wind in front of me
Any more