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Versuri Some kitties don't care
- Kenny Loggins

Some kitty cats are very natty fellows
Some even seem to live in tie and tails
But every rule has one or two exceptions
So when I asked my Perkins why
He shrugged his fur, smiled and replied.

Some kitties don't care - they don't want to talk or tout it
They'd rather just live without it than to have to think about it
Some kitties don't care - there really is no good reason
It just isn't fashion season, maybe they're not into pleasin'.

People pointin' and stare nearly everywhere they go
Some cats in suits, your puss and boots, he'll steal the show
So don't you know, it only just goes to show you that
The animals in the know know
That animals naturally care about what they wear
Ah, but some kitties just don't care
Don't care (kitties don't care) they don't care
(kitties don't care) they don't care (kittes don't care).

What good is a cat - just what have you got
If you haven't got a kitty you can cuddle than you haven't got a lot
What good is a cat, someone tell me what is he worth
If the only nice thing that you could say about the boy
Is he's the filthiest critter on earth.

You mean Mr Perkins is a bad kitty
Oh, heaven's no, he has many wonderful qualities
You can't really judge a cat simply by the way he looks
Even though he may not look like most of the kitties in the books

Mr Perkins is a loving, fierscely independent, brave
Quite self-assuring, purring, likeable little guy
And he just love to snuggle close to me - and heaven knows I've tried.

And my Perkins has a vivid imagination
He'd love to tell his stories to the world
His life becomes his formal recreation
As he roams back streets and highways
Trash canned alleys, filthy by-ways
'Til every scruffy alley cat adventure's been unfurled.

I tried to talk young Perkins into washing
He says that kind of talk can do his heart no goo-ood
Says he, an alley cat should use his tongue for talking (alley cat, alley cat)
Not for licking, that thought is sickening
If you had to lick the crud he should
God knows you never would - nobody ever should.

I guess it all boils down to one simple fact -
Some kitties don't care - if other cats boo or cheer 'em
No other cats love or fear 'em, 'cause no other cats wanna get near 'em
Everybody sniff 'em and faint nearly everyplace they go
Cats in suits and puss and boots, they'll steal the show
And don't you know, it only just goes to show him that
The animals in the know, ya know, know no cat
Shouldn't oughta care about what they wear
Bu-ut some kitties just don't, some kitties just don't care..