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- Kelly Rowland feat Eve

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[Sean Garrett]
Ladies and gentlemen. Kelly's back.

1 - I told ya'll I was gonna bump like this
Ya'll didn't think that I could bump like this
Said I told ya'll I was gonna bump like this
Turn around, then I make it jump like this.

(Ladies!) You wanna keep that boy, then make it jump like this
Ya'll didn't think that I could make it bump like this
See I told ya'll, ya'll was gonna jump like this
How you not gon' know it when it hit like this.

Ladies, drama, leave it home
If he ain't got it right by now then scratch him off
They just called me, said it's about 20 strong
They standin' at the door, they wanna take us on.

The ring - Let it go 'bout three months ago
The pain ain't stressin' me no more
The girl that they used to know don' changed
Now they sayin' this before they mention my name.

Repeat 1.

Standin' near me like six, six-four
Came up real slow
Put a good game on me
Told him "Partner don't get too close or come too bold"
Cause the quick ain't for me.

Got my girls all here, no enemies cause it's family please
All of your personal info
I ain't thinkin' 'bout love
I'm just tryin' to get it up
Pop a bottle, talk a lot of bullshit
And let's, let's go.

Repeat 1.


Tonight I ain't feelin' no stress
To my girls that's lookin' nervous
Won't you go on and show it off for us
(Ladies go on and throw your hands up).

And. if he's all in your head
Just forget all the things that he said
Girl this is yours, do whatever you want to
(Ladies go on and throw your hands up).

Hear these words out my mouth now, tell you how it's goin' down
Kelly, E-V-E, we comin' through and got 'em bowin' down
Ladies can you feel it? It's an anthem, you can bounce around
Give you just a second to take your breath, bring it back now
Dudes get excited, seein' what they like
Hopin' you the one you choose, hope they get invited
Late night rendezvous is all right
But we lovin' how the club vibratin', it's enticing
Let the beat knock, trust me, we ain't gon' stop
Head 'til the lights up, watch us take over the spot
Few mad looks from them chicks you know
And from them dudes who be jealous of a chick wit' dough
Pop another bottle for them, keep my life movin'
No time for the drama, watch me blow through them
Right now I sound confident, I'm supposed to though
We do it big, how we live, Kelly told you so, come on.

Repeat 1