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Versuri Kelis - Caught out there

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Yo, yo
Yo, this song, yo
This song is for all the women out there
That been lied to by their men
And I know you all been lied to
Over and over again
This is for y'all
Yo, maybe you didn't break the way you shoulda broke, yo
But I break, knowwhatumsaying, so
This is how it goes, yo
Yo, yo

Last year, Valentine's day
You would spoil me and say
"Babe, I love you, love you (Yo, he's lying) and I swear"
Held you when you were sick, even... (sucked yo dick)
The whole time I think to myself, this isn't fair

What is this I see (No)
You don't come home to me (Oh, no)
When you don't come home to me (Man)
Can't deal, can't bear

You keep tellin' me lies
But to your surprise
Look, I found her red coat
And you're (Bitch) caught out there

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