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Versuri Another now (e corecta versiunea)
- Kate Alexa

trimise de Rehab-GirlRehab-Girl.

So it was the other day
and all this felt so real
like nothing could go wrong
was like a never ending dream
and nothing ever change
for so long
but now you gone away
and i've tried turning the page
and it's just not the same
but i'm breathing in

and i'm breathing out
i'm while awake but i can't hear a sound
go on breathing in
i can think about
another you, another me, another now..

where do i go from here?
i never felt so strange
i never felt so thus
cause ever since you came my way
i learned to live about you
and now i'm on my own
i know i need some time
to leave all this behind
cause i'm still hanging out
standing here, all alone
don't wanna move, nowhere to go
nothing's real, just wanna hide
cause you're not here..