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Versuri I am nothing
- Katatonia

trimise de SecsiniSecsini.

Tonight I'm nothing
It doesn't matter where I've been
Delay of reaction is
The unseen movie of this life.

I remember one of my friends
Telling me to go ahead.

Water on every side
There's a dead spot in my eye
If I listen close at night
There's something coming my way.

Like someone called my name
But I didn't care to look that way
I just fixed my eyes into the crowd
It would have been strange to turn around.

If you would tell me that I was someone

Then for a second I would think
Just like I would try to consider
How it would feel to know.

I have to get on with this
It's a decision for tonight
Out to look for chances
It is murder of my mind.

Once I was someone new
I was chosen for a while
Then with time I am changing
At least that is what they say.

What is worth with being here
I pray so often for a change