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Versuri Justin Timberlake - Not a love story

trimise de AnnavAnnav.

Baby what you want,
baby what you want,
tell me how you feel,
after I'm gone.

Why I gotta do this all the time,
But girl you gotta know that
Girl you gotta know that.

It's not a love story

I said I loved you,
but you just said it's over.
The love faded, but my heart is sober
You've made me so cold.

You should blame her,
for who I am.
You should blame her.
She stole my heart,
now I'm gonna take yours

Just recent, I've been
acting a little too single.
If she a million, I'm put a bid in.
Addicted to the beginning.
We were strangers.

She got it, so I take her
She raising my spirits
like this liquor is hitting now.
I don't miss her, miss her at all.

She take my mind of her.

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