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Versuri Be a heartbreaker
- Justin Guarini

Girl : You know you're in trouble.

Justin: ooooooo
Ah baby
Hey lady
I know,
I should be the last one
Who's tellin you
How to run your life
But im feelin like
My concience wont let it go
Gotta make a downpayment
On my karma,
Cuz I know I caused
So much trauma
I wanna make up
For all the breakups
And the dreams of love I stole.


Hey girl i'm not tryin to do that to you.

So listen baby
Be a heartbreaker

Till ya find the one
Who does ya right
who'll be loving you
Treat ya true
Not saying I hit now we are through
Be a heartbreaker
Dont compromise
If he aint about yours
You're wasting time
Cuz a guy like him wanna a girl like you
So he can say I hit now girl we're through

He's a player
Cant ya see
He keeps 2 or 3 girls on his team
Its his resume
His routine
So baby girl listen to me
Girl you should be thinking about his ways
Cuz its too late for him to change
Now when other guys come spitting game
Want you to know your being played.


I sayin that you aint up on game
Comin straight i'm tryin to make it plain
His a. j is to do the things he do
He'll break your heart in two
He aint cool for u.

No girl, I aint tryin to do that to ya
oo oo eh
oo oo eh
oo oo eh
oo oo eh
oo oo eh
oo oo eh
oo oo eh
oo oo eh.