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Versuri Justin Bieber - Rapping on radio

trimise de Elly_BelieveElly_Believe.

Justin Bieber
Damn damn, JB
Where the hell you've been?
Yeah, I got a new necklace, diamonds
Two big face Rollies, no I ain't lyin'
Yeah, you say I'm crazy?
Guess that makes two
But I never knew that dreams really came true
Started playin' drums when I was only two
Now we kick it in Japan

So I'm headin for the gold
I'm sweatin'
I swear Otis Redding will be oh, so ready
I already got aheady of the game
I'm with Kanny
And we startin' gettin' many, I mean money
Ridin' in all black Benz with all black rims
And we're lookin' at some tens
Though our all black lenses

(Wait I'm not done)
(Wait wait)

I thanked Jesus at the awards, I'm never goin' to hell
Call me Zack Morris, I'm savin' you by the bell
My girl says I'm perfect
She just loves in a perfect person
Perfectly personally I think she is perfectly perfect
I get it done abundantly
She want to get up on of me
I swear that I got honey dees
'Cause, baby, I'm a money tree
So be my little honey, be my little bitty bunny
I got honeys all up on me
Baby, I just get it doney

Possibly you probly thikin' this type of swag's impissible
And ligically will probably, but you just take me lirically
Try to fill me spiritually, get out your mind literally
There's a bigger me inside this little me
Screamin' out

I should make history
I am like a mystey
Hated by jealousy, 'cause the envy me
Run up on my enemies see if they remember me
As soon as they remember be I wipe away their memory
Can't you see the private jets flyin' over you?
I didn't even notice, but my focus on my photos
Might be bogus, no they shouldn't be a photoshoot
It's funny how you wanna take my picture
And it's like your fisrt time
Playin' with the camera, clamin' that "it's not mine"

Just caml down
You you don't gotta hurry
Don't don't be nervous
You you don't gotta worry

And my fans are like my glasses
Yeah, without 'em I might be blurry

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