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Versuri Jule Konrad - Beautiful tale

trimise de DanielDaniel.

From the cold stone slowly warming under my hand
I looked up to the old trees
And they told me

That you've found a name you liked
And that lives on
In a great story that humans still tell
A hero's tale about a fate to fulfill
A beautiful tale

They told me, how you've smiled when you held your first child
And married your beautiful wife
They told me you were loved and that you loved the world back
Sunlight seemed to like you,
Springtimebirds followed you everywhere

That the light of your eyes didn't break when your hair greyed
And your arm's strength did fall apart
That you were still writing songs, sitting here under the trees
Playing for them

They told me, your voice was full of a memory forgotten by your head
That maybe my name didn't live on in this tale
But that you needed me to write this beautiful tale
This beautiful tale

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