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Goodbye my love - versuri Juice |
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Versuri Juice - Goodbye my love

I've been thinking of us these days
And how we changed from the way
That we were, oh baby can't you feel
Love's turned away
And it doesn't feel the same way at all
So I say to you
Goodbye my love (goodbye, goodbye now)
Goodbye, now the happy days are over
So long and I won't shed no tears at all
No I'll put all those memories away

No more blindly believing a lie, no
I'll make it through on my own each day
Oh baby, can' you see love turned away
It could never be the same anymore
So I say to you


I never meant to hurt you, no, no
I know we failed but at least we tried
Boy you know time changes everything
So goodbye to my love (bye my love)
It's all that I can do, so I say to you


This time I really mean it
Goodbye my love

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