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Versuri Aren't you kinda glad we did
- Judy Garland

Oh, it really wasn't my intention
To disregard convention
It was just an impulse
That had to be obeyed.

Beacon Hill behavior we've been scorning
But I'll still not go in mourning
Though my reputation
Is blemished, I'm afraid.

What's done is done
But wasn't, and isn't it, fun.

Honestly, I thought you wouldn't.
Naturally, you thought you couldn't.
And probably we shouldn't.
But aren't you kind of glad we did?.

Actually, it all was blameless.
(of course it was)
Nevertheless, they'll call it shameless
(I suppose)
So the lady shall be nameless
(thank you)
But aren't you kind of glad we did?.

Socially, you'll be an outcast
Obviously, we dined alone
On your good name there will be doubt cast
With never a sign of any chaperone.

No matter how they may construe it
(it'll be the wrong way)
Whether or not, we have to rue it
(we will)
Whatever made us do it
Say, aren't you kind of glad we did?.

Honestly, I thought I couldn't.
Naturally, I thought I wouldn't.
And probably I shouldn't.
But aren't you kind of glad we did?.

Dinner was quite above suspicion
Milk in the glasses when they'd clink
Listening to a tired musician
But what is it Mrs. Grundy's going to think?.

That I'm a bounder, a rounder, a cad, a Boston blighter
When speaking of me, she'll be no politer
Oh let's turn to something brighter
Whatever we did, we're glad we did