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Versuri Jojo - Disaster

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I'm trying not to pretend
that it won't happen again and again like that.
Never thought it would end,
but you got up in my head and my head like that

You made me happy, baby,
love is crazy, so amazing
But it's changing, rearranging.
I don't think I can take anymore

Cuz the walls burned up and out love fell down
And it turned into whatever
Now we're saying never
Fell the fire cuz it's all around and
It's burning for forever and always

We gotta let it go, be on our way
Look for another day, cuz it ain't the same my baby
Watch it all fall into the ground
No happy ever after, just disaster.

I didn't want it this way, I only wanted to say
I loved you right
But now you walking' away and leaving me here to stay
So foolish of me to waint for you

To realize, all the things I gave you
Made you change you,
Your dreams came true.
When I met you, now forget you
Don't want anymore!

Chorus :............

You shot the bullet, you shot the bullet that killed me
Not feeling my heartbeat and now I was dyin'
I I've been through it, I I've been through the agony
And now my eyes, I'm tryin', tryin no more cryin'
Lyin's just a game
So disaster strikes and I'm all right, cuz my love's on his way (Yeah)

Burning up for forever and always (yeah, yeah, yeah)


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