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Versuri Running game
- John Cena feat Trademarc

trimise de Candy_Angel444Candy_Angel444.

[20 second instrumental to open].

[Chorus 2X: John Cena]
We roll by in the pimp ride (then we)
Walk through with the pimp slide (y'all know me)
Crew heavy on the thick side
Everybody feelin this, y'all know we serious.

[John Cena]
I'll be makin you move so quick you can't see me in slow-mo
Get your throat cut when you step in the dojo
Y'all got no flow, we be makin hits
You like a proctologist, you feelin my s***t
Yeah - you all hype like a street team
I spend more time holdin a mic than Mean Gene
Makin beat fiends scream, they be lovin the click
Roll solo to the party but I leave with ya chick
Cause she know that when I'm flowin it's hot
There's a party in my pants, she be blowin the spot
Buck naked in the old school drop, givin me skull again
She give me free strokes, that's why I call her a mulligan
See me on TV, knows everything about me
You can't f***k with me, she can't f***k without me
And if you think she don't be lovin my thangs
That's like sayin you eat at Hooters for the buffalo wings, what?.


[Tha Trademarc]
F***k record execs, promisin checks
I been cleanin tables now I'm seein labels, these chicks
sayin "haven't we met, " man holdin my breath
Feel like the lesser of two evils that I haven't seen yet
I got girls runnin game with a pimp strut
Big butt booty bitches tryin to link up
They walkin toward me, conversation and they body bore me
I got no game, it's just some bitches understand my story
Nas said it before, that's raw
If you leavin the club your clothes'll end up on the car floor
Man, I got no time for words after s*x
I just kick you to the curb and be laughin next
Cause Trademarc is a clingy chick's nightmare
Even though you took me home, I won't spend the night there
I've had hookers to virgins, on they back
Wild s*x all the way to dead lays like necrophiliacs.


[John Cena]
Johnny Cena got the girls, girls but I'm not Jay-Z
I play the field, I never let the field play me
You see my Chevy? You know there's ten chicks aboard
Plus the whip got more switches than the mixer board
I'm stickin your w****, while you flossin your Range
Gave her a dollar, she gave me back a buck and some change
She tried to swallow me whole, I brushed the back of her wig
She called my dick Frank White cause it's +Notoriously B. I. G. +.