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Versuri Make it loud
- John Cena feat Tha Trademarc

trimise de S3byS3by.

[John Cena at a live show].

It's the joint baby, GOTTA MAKE IT LOUD [crowd cheers].


[Tazz] That's noise!.

[Chorus 2X: John Cena].

It's the joint baby, gotta make it loud.

Get the point yo you gotat make it loud.

Everybody in the club make it loud.


[John Cena].

Yeah, yeah.

We came to kick the door down, it's time to hit the floor now.

Yo.. we got some s***t in store now.

So; clap your hands while we let the sax blow.

Not quite crispy green, but we came to stack dough.

We ain't maxed yo, we just try and get this money right.

Bills made of Spandex, I still keep my money tight.

Never stoppin, all I see is the money like.

the kid on the mic is too +Raw+ for your Monday night.

If you got in free, or your f***n cover's paid.

Bounce to this m*********r like you was some Rubbermaid.

This ain't that Cristal sippin type s***t.

It's that bottle breakin, startin riot type s***t.

So jump up and down 'til ya break the floor.

Yo we keep it underground like a basement tour.

East coast reppin, stretchin out to L. A.

Not double oh seven but we +Die Another Day+, what.


[Tha Trademarc].

I tear up any track, front to back.

Like Roy Jones takin on fifty year-old cats.

makin comebacks, where you at, cats spit soft s***t.

like whispers and gloves, I'm not hearin that.

It's all love maybe if you wanna rub baby.

Anything but that, step back lady.

Trademarc, John Cena, clubbin it up.

We got Chaos on the one and two, cuttin it up.

I'm all about laid back, don't jock, I hate that.

I see through haters games, don't mistake that.

I still got love if you buyin our s***t.

If you claim you hatin us, but you ridin our dicks.

Everybody hear the name, Marc Predka.

It's gonna ring like an echo for years, I never left ya.

All y'all raise your glass to this s***t.

Cause Trademarc's the head of the class of misfits.


[John Cena].

We steal your top spot, and you not gettin your number back.

Chop down competition like I was a lumberjack.

Clear out the club floor, we keep 'em comin back.

Tough to bring down like an overweight runningback.

Yeah - and we blaze 'em baby.

Trademarc, John Cena, we amazin baby.

Yo we tear up any crew, leave a m*********r worn.

Y'all are just soft like some Cinemax porn.

[Tha Trademarc].

I move a crowd like a bomb scare.

Grab the mic when we hittin it right, if you want fear.

Some say Trademarc, he ain't all there.

We old school like when Sonny, was on Cher.

Take it back like a Richard Pyror 8-track.

And grab a chunk of your change like a state tax.

Man please, we want platinum plaques.

I want cream, green, cheddar cheese, to grab in stacks.


[scratching Trademarc to fade].

"Chaos on the one and two, cuttin it up".

"That's that s***t! "