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Versuri Pcd
- Jls

trimise de Bubbles94Bubbles94.

Hawaii I'm beauty queen
To me you're like a work of art
What you get is what you see
Like me you work so hard
When you're on the road with me
You lay the party life
You've git the moves to drive a club wild.


But no I don't drive a motor racing car
And I don't have money like an F1 superstar

And who would belive
That you could happen to me
I fell for those big brown eyes
And the sweetest smile
Drives a brotha crazy.


You can be my PCD
Just name the game we'll play
The best day of the week
My super Saturday
Girl you will love
To chose the rules
And have the final say
All because you're my sugar babe
That's the girl for me.

Fashion is the extraordinaire
Stile icon of the week
Wherever I look you're there
Tryin keep up with me
Out on the tow with the girls

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