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Versuri Kickstart
- Jls

trimise de InnakInnak.

Would have done more than anything
back then to make you smile
To the end of the earth and back
to protect all that we had.

Now it's done and I'm gone
But you're back here in my face.

So why you wanna go kickstart the drama
Now don't you know you can't break through my armour

Just leave me alone, leave me alone
Leave me alone, leave me alone
just leave me alone, leave me alone, oooh
Leave me alone, leave me alone oooh
Kickstart the drama, oooh
Kickstart the drama.

It's a little too late to want me now
it's dead and gone
Coz the fact that you messed things up
it's your fault and that's real talk.

Now I'm done with your song
Coz the melody's all wrong.


Now I'll be the one that gets to not return your calls
And you'll be the one who gets to feel invisible.


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