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Versuri Jimmy Buffett - Holiday

The weather channel girl
With her perfect weather curl
Is talking cold cold cold
You can't get out of bed
You can't remember what you said
You're feeling old old old
Is it a fever or depression
Anger or agression
What's the remedy
We're not talking rocket science
The answer to the questions fairly plain to see
You need a holiday
So take a holiday
Grab a pack and hit the trail
Take a sail and wind up in some moon lit bay

You're caught up in the internet
You think it's such a great asset
But you're wrong wrong wrong
All that fibre optic gear still cannot take away the fear
Like an island song
Disregard confession
Stop trying to make impressions
On your corprate climb
It might come as quite a shock
But you can't really own that rock
It's just a waste of time


So it's only up to you
No one else can teach you to
Go out and have some fun
If you want to stay alive
Evade the big nose dive
Be a comedian


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