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Versuri The little space girl
- Jessie Lee Turner

I was strolling through the park one night
And oh, I felt so blue
When I heard a little voice say
"I'm so lonely, too. "
Then I turned around to look
And to my surprise
A little space girl sat there crying
Right before my eyes.

Stepping up a little closer
To see what I could see
She said, Mister Earthman,
Will you please marry me?
I said, Why, no, I couldn't do that
Why, that just wouldn't be right,
'Cause you and me and me and you
We don't even look alike.

'Cause you've got four arms
The better to hold you
Three lips
The better to kiss you
Three eyes
All the better to see
I can really rock and swing
'Cause I've got more of everything
Oh, Mister Earthman, will you marry me?.

I said, What would people think
When we go strolling by
Why, they'd not only laugh at us
They'd lay right down and die
Then they'd put you and me in jail
There we would be
And the people, they'd come from miles around
Just to look at you and me.


I said, This thing's gone far enough
I've had enough of this
She said, Please, Mister Earthman
Just one little kiss?
I said, Okay, okay, okay!
But then you go away
But when I finished kissing her
I had this to say.


Why, sure!!